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The Flenser

No Youth

by Wreck and Reference

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Recorded by W&R in the Howling Wasteland, CA. Mixed and mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, the Thousand Caves. Photography by Brandon Gehres. Depicted: Walter Karl Markus.


released April 15, 2012




Wreck and Reference Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Spectrum
from this forge
a fraud elemental
rent from flames
unripe and unsteady
it adorned
with muted palette
a spectrum restrained
and blurred

swaddled in embroidery
so dear
diverting critical
wrought now
but take to it
with hammer
chisel hatchet
and blade

recast this iron
work without remorse
fashion a new frame
do not sleep
burn scars are medals
in this solitary race
Track Name: Nausea
it is daytime now, in the summer
even though i couldn't tell
no shutters, no sleep, it follows you under

you were so stupid last time
don't you see how beautiful this moment could be
look at the sky, look at the color
i've got my green dress on
i am not pure, my face is made up
implacable, torrid lust
without shadow, without shelter
Track Name: The Solstitial
we speak on the shore, tongues lapping
each impulse a leaf on the water careening then swallowed

you were evergreen then
and deciduous i, perfidious i
was born from

shuttered seasons
i shuddered as your fingers mapped these veins
innumerable now
count these veins

and i was red
and upturned
and i hoped you would die
before the springtime
i was red
and upturned
and i hoped you would die

you were skipping stones
toes in the water
when i opened you

and you turned red
and i turned grey
as arbiter wind
buried us in leaves
and there we lay
until the springtime
when melted snow
washed us away
Track Name: Inverted Soul
his punishment is mine too
against my will i took it on
where do currents go when riverbeds are shores
memories are buried in an immoral mountain
this is but one inverted soul

scratching at the sun or where it used to be
witness normal from a moving car
the heat surrounds us all, sweat our illusions
soaking up the dust

perturbed the order of a structure
i am but one inverted soul
she comes conscious into chaos
and is more resilient than i
in the wake of a falling sun

this illusionary frost stands in summer dreams
the emptiness is dew drops on dawn leaves
i am the guided sand
falling in between two chambers of glass
Track Name: Cannot
these cracking bones corrupted
their way towards your silhouette
sacrosanct and smooth
the flicker of halogen
like candles in churches
i never worshipped
a thing of beauty perhaps
for those with eyes still in sockets

i can't believe
in anything anymore
this air surrounding
no crown but hood
a fabric of lies
and i cannot breathe

this crackling dust erupted
from wires transmitting
what was once opiate
an abstracted projection of desires
injected as quickly as possible
into giddy nervous fools
a thing of joy perhaps
for those with nerves unfrayed

i can't believe
in anything anymore
this air surrounding
no crown but hood
a fabric of lies
and i cannot breathe
Track Name: I Am A Sieve
gravity adds another day
from fettered wings a solemn night
rampant want and
counting rosaries in the grass
to be a decadent slave

pursue my discontent through
these fields onto eternity
look at my flame to death fuck
in an involuntary farce
from fettered wings comes a solemn night

i am a sieve
from the well
wasted all
waters own

harbor drought
mistress named
pendant guilt
no youth
Track Name: Obedience
Where was it that bone met blade
Delicately lowering
your foot into steel trap
Listening for the creak of the spring

Where was it that collar met throat
A bundle of tubes
Squeezed together
No fluid nor air nor humor there passing

Where was it that substance met mind
Chloroformed the reckless
thoughts, their tentacles
Flailing you towards you undoing

We are masochists bound by what
not in bedrooms or basements
but in sunlight and living rooms
Adorned with chain, gag, cuffs, and leash

A body wound complete
in thread of crimson
A better marionette
No movement now resistant
No blemish to resect
No urge now still delinquent
No corruption to correct
No disquiet still insistent
No words short of breath
No thought now inconsistent
No act trailed by regret
Now master and submissive
Track Name: Winter
there's no longer fear to be undone
on a pedestal that is pure white still
three o clock aporia and pills

only swollen hearts feel a low
violence in a mother left behind, getting cold
monolithic firing squad in black

meanwhile winters surely coming
hemlock to a dreamless sleep
lay your hands down on me
and feel a null duality

my body clamors sacred
despite all seasons empty
no reason in blank matter
to choose chaos or
Track Name: Stage Collapse
absurdist pugilists
punching through panes of glass
bullheaded drunks pissing on statues
spitting on tapestries in trespass
and waving the knife
in the face of all certainty

and when immunity collapses
the bastard blade will be frozen
in icy white knuckles
that no sunrise warmth
can melt
Track Name: Edifice of Silt
he has the face of a dreamer
the poster child for the omega
holds a violin
on the stoop of a great
peaking swollen edifice of silt

what we know hides
inside a fist and is betrayed prescience
into a forest
dig up a soldier
hold out his bones
but do not become him

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